Saturday, January 3, 2015

We Consider a Casita

Like the Trail Manor in a previous entry, we have spent years looking at Casita trailers. Their manufacturing plant is located in Rice, Texas, on I-45 between Corsicana and Ennis. We've actually visited the plant twice over the years and looked at their models on display.

I think Casitas are well built trailers, and they can be the perfect trailer for the right people. As with the Trail Manor, they have a very loyal following. They are light weight, aerodynamic, and well-insulated for a trailer. I have even read the blogs of some people who full-time in these trailers.

But for Donna and me, they are a bit small.

First, they have absolutely no outside storage. You'd basically have to store everything in your tow vehicle or the inside of your trailer. I'm talking here about water hoses, tools, sewer hoses, wheel chocks, grills, charcoal, lanterns, and all other related items that I do not want to store inside the trailer or even in the back of the truck. I want these items with the trailer. There isn't much storage inside, either, though there are numerous little cabinets. But there are lots of creative people out there in their Casitas, and they continue to find ways to make things work. If you are a handy and creative person, the space limitations probably would not pose a problem for you.

Second, the bed is such that whoever is on the inside must crawl over the other person to get out of the bed. And the bed is actually the dinette. On some models, there is another side table that people opt to use for dining and they just leave the full dinette made into a bed permanently. For a single person, this wouldn't be a problem.

Third, there is no really comfortable seating in the trailer. Yes, there is seating, but on stools or dinette style seats. I like something a bit more relaxing.

But probably the biggest factor for me is the bath. Not all Casita models have a bath. Those that are so equipped have a marine or "wet" bath. This means that the toilet, shower, and sink are all in one cubicle. When you take a shower, everything gets wet. When you want to use the toilet, you actually place your feet in the bottom of the shower. This is really only an inconvenience, but at our current stage of life, it is not an inconvenience we are willing to endure. Also, the shower compartment is quite small. We did have a small trailer several years ago with a marine bath, and I just never cared for it.

But the Casita line of trailers is really quite good, and the Casita community is outstanding. There are a couple of very active forums for Casita owners, and it isn't hard to see the passion folks have for these trailers. There is a similar line called Scamp based in Minnesota. From what I can tell, it is virtually the same trailer, though quality may vary one way or another. I've not seen many Scamps in my travels, but I've seen Casitas all over. There are 2 currently in my neighborhood.

We were staying at Goliad State Park just outside Goliad, Texas, 3 or 4 years ago in our Rockwood. An older couple in a Toyota Tacoma with a camper shell pulled in towing a Casita. If I recall, they were from a northern state -- Minnesota, I think. They had 2 kayaks strapped atop the truck and camper shell and 2 bicycles strapped on a carrier at the back of the Casita. I really admired them. Here they were far from home and traveling about as efficiently as you can. No doubt, with the "toys" they had, they were enjoying quite an adventure. Folks like this really know how to get the most out of life.

But Donna and I want a few more luxuries, so our search is for something just a bit larger and more comfortable.

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