Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Our Camping Lifestyle

The lifestyle we lead while traveling in a trailer more or less determines what we need in a trailer. Often, people neglect to consider their lifestyle when RV shopping.

Typically, our day begins with me rising first, usually an hour or more before Donna. I like a small breakfast, usually toast or cereal, along with a large mug of coffee. If I have my computer, I'll spend time working on my blog, downloading and processing pictures I've taken, or doing other things. If I have an internet connection, I'll check email, or research other places to go or stay on our trip.

If the weather is nice, I'll take my coffee and a book outside and read for a while. When Donna gets up, we might turn on the TV to catch some local news/weather so we know what to expect for the day in case we decide to hike or travel.

We then start our day. We might go for a hike, or we might venture nearby to a museum, farmers' market, or any other number of places. We don't eat much, so if I've had a good breakfast, then I'm good until mid-afternoon. Donna may have a bowl of oatmeal or even just some granola bars; she's good to go for hours. We usually take snacks along (nuts, trail mix, granola bars, etc.) and these help us until we return to the trailer. If we do go to town, we may eat out if we see a place that really appeals to us.

When we get back to the trailer, we like to sit outside. Usually mid-afternoon is when new guests begin arriving at the campground, and we always enjoy watching them stream in and set up. We like to check out their license plates to see where they are from. We wonder where they've been, what they've done, and what they've seen. We like to check out all the RVs and their different styles. You can learn a great deal this way. And some of the newcomers are entertaining to watch as they set up their rigs. Yeah, we are easily entertained. You can just imagine what a bug zapper and a six-pack would do for us.

If the weather is right, we may start a campfire. We usually eat our big meal of the day at this time, hopefully something grilled like steak or burgers. Sometimes we'll just broil some sausage on spits over the fire and snack off and on.

As the evening wears on and the fire burns down, we finally decide to retire to the trailer. Donna will go in and shower while I secure the campsite -- put out the fire, stow the lantern we've been using, put up our chairs, etc. I then take my shower and we may turn on the TV for a while. I usually go to bed first. I'll turn in, read a while, then drift off. Donna will stay up all hours of the night and greet her fellow zombies before turning in.

The next day, the cycle begins anew.

Of course, this does not happen every day. Some days we are traveling. Some days the weather does not allow us to sit out. Some days we have laundry to do, or maintenance/repairs to perform on the trailer. We also have to go grocery shopping occasionally.

So, when you consider this lifestyle, you can begin to see what we need in a trailer.
  1. We need a good place to sleep.
  2. We need a place to prepare our meals.
  3. We need a place to sit and watch limited television and relax.
  4. We need adequate storage.
  5. We need a full bathroom with a good shower.
The weather here has been pretty miserable lately with a lot of cold temps and wintry mixes; on top of that, Donna has been a bit under the weather. But we hope that the weather will start improving near the end of this week so that we can get out and start doing a little shopping.

I'll keep you posted.

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