Friday, January 2, 2015

It's Cold Outside!

As I write this about 6:30 AM Friday morning, it is 32 degrees outside. This past Monday, I walked in short sleeves around our neighborhood. Monday night, a front moved through, and it began very light precipitation Tuesday. The high on Tuesday was in the low 40s. Later that night, the temperature dropped even further. Our high on Wednesday was 23 in San Angelo. Yesterday -- New Year's Day -- we never reached the freezing mark. Our high today is expected to be about 34 or so. And all of this freezing weather has been accompanied by light moisture, enough to keep the roads slick.

We're not used to this kind of cold weather in San Angelo. Usually, such weather moves in and out very quickly. It's unusual for it to stick around so long.

It's weather like this that helped us decide we did not want to full-time. Cold weather in an RV is just pure misery for us. And you really can't get away from cold weather. The weather has been cold and wet even down in Brownsville in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. If you live in an RV full-time, you're going to get caught in weather like this at some point. You just have to endure it.

2 years ago -- while we were living full-time in our trailer for 8 months -- we fled sub-freezing weather in this area and went to Big Bend for a week. When we arrived, it was sunny and warm down there, quite a contrast from the cold we had been enduring up here and in Big Spring. Then we got hit with a freak storm and were snowed in for several days.

So, we're pretty comfortable with becoming fair-weather campers. During the coldest months -- basically mid-December to mid-February -- we'll hunker down in our nice, warm home, wait for the worst of the winter weather to pass, then set out and play during the next 10 months.

I don't think I ever posted any pictures of the snow we received while in Terlingua 2 years ago while staying at the Big Bend Motor Inn and RV Park. Below are a few of those. We ended up staying an additional 3 days or so while waiting for the weather to clear.

Early morning in the RV park.

Clear space where a traveler spent the night. I'm surprised someone ventured out on these snowy roads so early in the morning in this hilly country. There are no snow plows down here to clear roads.

Our truck and trailer. We just hunkered down and turned up the heat.

A wintry sky over Big Bend. This is not the kind of weather you want to spend in an RV. All you can do is dress warmly, turn up the heat, keep a pot of coffee on the stove, and open a good book.

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