Sunday, December 28, 2014

Looking for a Trailer

We sold our Rockwood Trailer almost 2 years ago. We hated to let that trailer go, and I detailed our reasons in a previous entry (see "Goodbye, Rocky"). I almost immediately followed this entry with another entitled "Never Say Never" which suggested that at some point down the road we might take up RVing again. Well, that time has come.

We knew when we let Rocky go that it just was no longer the right trailer for our needs. Rocky fell somewhat in the middle of two RV lifestyles we were struggling with. Rocky was not large enough to full-time, even though we did live in that trailer for 8 months at one time. Sure, it had a private bedroom, a full bath, and a nice combined living and galley area with a dinette, sofa, and 2 comfortable chairs. But it was not nearly as roomy as the large fifth wheels you see plodding down the highways, and it certainly did not have the storage these bigger rigs have. If we were to full-time, we would want something larger than Rocky, especially with more storage. After all, when you are full-timing, your RV is your home.

But for short trips, say 1 or 2 weeks most of the time, Rocky was really larger than we needed. For short trips, you don't need as much storage or interior room. Sure, they are nice to have, but really not necessary.

We either saw ourselves full-timing or going out sporadically on shorter trips, so Rocky really did not fit in with our future plans. We still feel that way today.

For the past 2 years or so, we have struggled with RVing full time. We like the idea of living full time on the road; we've never experienced the sense of freedom before or since that we felt the 8 months we spent in Rocky. In the end, though, we just don't want to uproot and follow that lifestyle. We enjoy occasional trips in an RV, but we really like coming home again. And the winters in a trailer really bother us. We are pretty cold natured, and we just can't keep a trailer warm enough during the winter months to suit us. And we find that we enjoy being grounded, especially in San Angelo. We like living here, we like our doctors (something which becomes more important the older we get), we like our restaurants, and we like our shopping. And San Angelo is a pretty good "jumping off" location for traveling to areas we enjoy like the Texas Hill Country or the mountains of West Texas.

So, we have decided to go with a smaller trailer and take shorter trips, usually 1 to 2 weeks at a time. Each year, we hope to take one or two longer trips, perhaps a month or so each, and visit some far off place (Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills, and Yellowstone are at the top of my list). But then we will always have a brick and mortar home to return to, and we'll be able to stay close enough to watch our three little monsters grow into three bigger monsters.

And to hint at something to come, this type of travel fits in very well with one more move we plan to make in the next year or two, a move into a residence which will give us more freedom to travel more frequently.

In entries to follow, I'll take you through our search process as we look at various trailers. 

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