Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Lights in San Angelo, 2014

Since retiring to San Angelo over 3 years ago, Donna and I have made it a practice to view the Christmas Lights in our lovely city each holiday season. They seem to get better each year.

As with most towns, you can find lights all over the city. Some neighborhoods make a concerted effort to light up their areas. Other neighborhoods may have only scattered lights. And each town has a handful of individuals who really go all out to light up the winter nights with their beautiful light displays. One of our favorite places to see the lights in San Angelos is just off downtown along the Concho River.

The light tour begins along the River Drive near Santa Fe Park. It winds through the park along the Concho River, then detours for a couple of blocks along Concho Avenue in downtown before finishing in the pavilion area across from Fort Concho on Oakes Avenue. Information about the "Tour of Lights" is available online. Please note there is a suggested donation. Be sure to click on the "Gallery" button to view the official pictures of the tour. Please note that other pictures of Christmas around Angelo are included in the gallery, not just the Tour of Lights pictures.

Our route, from left to right
The San Angelo Christmas Tour of Lights is pretty unique because of the setting. The first part of the tour winds along the north bank of the North Concho River through Santa Fe Park near downtown San Angelo. The lights are set up across the river, on the south bank. The glow of the lights is often reflected in the slow moving waters of the river. Much of the south bank rises steeply from the river, which provides a pretty solid backdrop for the lights.

Here are some pictures we snapped as we drove along the route. Enjoy.

Although a bit blurred, this picture gives a sense of the light tunnel that begins the tour.

Many of the lights depict scenes from the song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

Can you guess what this is? Well, there are 4 birds, and there is a phone from which they can make a call. So, you have 4 calling birds.
Not all light scenes depict images from the song. This one has a western theme; after all, we are in West Texas. Note the reflection in the river.
These poinsettias are just outside the Visitor Center, located between the north and south lanes of US 87. It should be your first stop when visiting San Angelo.
This picture gives you an idea of how numerous the displays are as they line the south bank of the river.

Pipers piping. Isn't the reflection lovely?

A gang of drumming drummers.

We also like to drive through the Santa Rita area to view the decorations there. Santa Rita is an older neighborhood flowing away from the river along a creek. Many of the old homes of the area have been lovingly restored over the years, and the community works together to provide some impressive decorations. We most enjoy a little display commemorating the poem, "A Visit From St. Nicholas," which most people refer to as "Twas the Night Before Christmas." The display contains a set of boxes, or dioramas, each depicting a scene from the beloved poem.

Below are pictures of a few of these dioramas.

This is the beginning of the display. You simply pause your car along the curb and you can read lines from the poem beneath each display.

And there's Santa, coming down the chimney!

After delivering his gifts, Santa rides away in his sleigh.

Merry Christmas from beautiful San Angelo, Texas.

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