Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hike Report: Return to Eagle Mountain Park

While visiting my brother in Ft. Worth recently, we decided to re-hike the trails in Eagle Mountain Park, just up the road from my brother's house. We hiked some of these trails nearly 3 years ago; you can read that report in "Eagle Mountain Park: January 14, 2012". Some of the links in that former entry are no longer active, but all links in this current entry are active at the time of this writing.

This is a nice park, especially considering its location to a large urban center. There are good hills for hikers who want a bit of a workout, and there are plenty of trees. The alert and quiet hiker will probably get a chance to view some wildlife.Trails are well-maintained, and facilities are available. Because of its location near an urban area, lots of people visit this park. You will not have the trails to yourself. It's good to see people enjoying the out-of-doors, but Donna and I prefer a more isolated hiking experience. Views of the lake and surrounding countryside are outstanding, though Eagle Mountain Lake continues to suffer from the prolonged drought.

On our last hike there, we did not do a section of the Ridge Loop Trail, so we certainly wanted to do all of that trail this time. To view a map of trails in the park, go to Since I posted so many pictures last time and the web site contains numerous pictures, I'll not post many today.

Backside of the trailhead from just inside the cattle guard.
We spotted these deer not far from the trailhead. Later on the trail, we caught sight of an armadillo as well. Nice to see such wildlife so close to a metropolitan area.
Rest area on the Northwest Trail less than a mile from the trailhead. Pit toilets are available.

View of Eagle Mountain Lake from the trail. From left to right: quiet and shy sister-in-law Nancy, mentally ill brother Larry, and photogenic wife Donna.
Larry next to old-growth tree near lake shore on Ridge Loop Trail.

Note the water line of the lake. Nice view.

It was a great day for a hike. A cool front had moved through the area a day or two before, and temps when we started were in the upper 50s, rising to the mid or upper 60s by the end of our hike. Unfortunately, Nancy suffered a wardrobe malfunction, and we decided to end our hike early. Since we had planned only a short hike, I had only my waist pack, which has limited space. Had we planned a longer hike, I would have taken my backpack, which contains duct tape among other things. With the duct tape, we probably could have patched Nancy up. As it was, Donna and I were happy to quit early as our hearts just weren't in hiking mode.

Nancy's wardrobe malfunction.
We have some outings planned over the fall months, and perhaps we'll get in some good hiking soon.

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