Monday, August 18, 2014

Monsters, Inc.

In 2001, a computer-animated movie appeared entitled Monsters, Inc. Well, I've just survived my own Monsters, Inc. in the way of grandsons Xander, Camden, and Jensen.

I joke with the boys and their mother a lot about being monsters. Actually, Xander is a well-behaved, well-meaning young man, and he is rather easy to get along with. He is very easy going and is always ready to help with his little brothers. Baby Jensen, the new born, spends most of his time sleeping. He is a sweetie at this time. But Camden, aka The Sheriff, aka King Camden, is another story. He is a handful. I call him Grandpa's revenge, for he is the one of the three boys who will give his mother exactly what she deserves for all the gray hairs she put on my head.

Little Camden is all boy, and he expects to have his way. He is into everything, and he is loud. If you don't pay attention to him, he gets louder. He carries a lot of war wounds, too, from diving off couches, sliding down rockers, and so on. 

The boys and their mother arrived Tuesday and left yesterday (Sunday). That's 6 days and 5 nights of nothing but boys, boys, boys. I reckon it will take the old woman and me a few days to recover. To be honest, I really don't do much, just sort of referee things and try to corral Camden from time to time. Donna carries most of the load, but she likes her role of grandma.

We had a difficult time getting Camden to settle down each night. Putting him with big brother was a big help.

We celebrated Xander's 12th birthday while he was with us. The lad is almost a nasty old teenager.

Camden found a basket and claimed it for his own. I'm surprised he could get that fat lower lip in that basket.
Monsters, Inc., otherwise known as the Trio of Doom.

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