Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Good Eats: 3 Parrots Taco Shop, San Angelo, Texas

This afternoon was our third time to try 3 Parrots Taco Shop, which describes itself as part of the "Baja taco market." According to the website, the restaurant is built around a ""surf/beach theme environment with great art and music to instill the ideas of summer year round." Currently there are locations only in San Angelo and Benbrook.

On our first two trips to 3 Parrots, we really weren't impressed. The food was decent enough, but there was nothing there that left us craving to return. I believe I had enchiladas once, and perhaps fajitas the other time. I don't recall what Donna had.

This time, however, I really enjoyed my meal. We had a coupon to buy a Baja Taco Platter (see menu) and get a second free. It's hard for 2 cheapskates like us to pass up such a deal. Also, since the Baja Taco Platter was the lunch special on our visit, it was even cheaper. With our 2 drinks, we ended up only spending $8.96 for our meals.

Each plate came with 2 tacos and 2 sides. Both of us got one taco with grilled shrimp. For her second taco, Donna got chipotle chicken while I ordered smoked brisket. My favorite of the two was the grilled shrimp. The flavor of the shrimp blended beautifully with the mixed cheese and cilantro. The brisket was also good, but not as good as the shrimp.

For my sides, I ordered Baja chile and grilled potatoes while Donna also had the potatoes along with rice. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to chile; that means, I want my chile to have good quality meat and NO BEANS. If you insist on putting beans, tofu, and other things in chile, that is fine; I just ask that you change the name, as 3 Parrots has done. The Baja chile served at 3 Parrots has ground meat, beans, and I believe there was some ham in there. It had a very strong chile powder taste which I enjoyed. Overall, I enjoyed it -- not as much as authentic, traditional chile mind you, but I'd certainly order it again.

All in all, I enjoyed my meal and I'd like to try more of their tacos, such as the tempura shrimp. I'm certainly glad we gave this place another try.

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