Thursday, July 24, 2014

We Survived

We took the boys back home to Mom and Dad today. We met them at a restaurant in Big Spring, had lunch, then beat a hasty retreat. Baby Jensen slept the entire time, so we didn't get to play with him.

We had a good time with Xander and Camden. The 5 nights and 6 days we spent with them gave us plenty of opportunity to bond. Of course, we've spent lots of time with Xander over the years, but this was the first time for Camden to be away from home. The first night was a bit rough, but then Gamma Donna won him over. By the time his visit was over, he was following her all around the house. I'm sure he will miss her for the first few days he is home.

Xander is so patient with his little brother and he really is a big help. He's got a good heart in him.

Camden continues to remind Donna and me of my father. He has so many looks and mannerisms that my father had. I enjoy watching the little fellow.

Below are two pictures, one of Camden and one of my father. I see so much resemblance between them, especially the mouth and eyes. Notice the same downward turn of the mouth, for example. Even the hair is similar, even though Dad's hair seems much lighter in color in the black and white photo.

Camden at his birthday party

My father, when he was about two and a half.

Donna and I are trying to get back to normal now. I must admit the house seems a bit empty, but after a drink or two or three or four, I won't notice that as much. Time to relax after several days of having to be duty. I'm sure Donna is really missing her boys about now, though. She loves her boys.

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