Friday, June 13, 2014

Stormy Weather

The past few days have been interesting as regards the weather.

On Wednesday night, high winds blew in to the area about dark. The area alert signal sounded, and Donna and I headed to an interior room. Quite a bit of damage was reported around town from the winds, and there was also some hail as well. At our house, we had no moisture, but the winds did snap one of the two yucca plants in our front yard.

Last night was pretty similar, but this time 2 tornadoes were reported in the northeast side of town, well away from our location. We did get some winds, but nothing like the 60-70 mph winds we received the night before. Lots of damage was reported around town.

Although this area is no stranger to such weather, these types of conditions normally stay north of here. That's good for us, because Donna and I don't like extreme weather. About 2 weeks after we first moved to West Texas in the late 1970s, a massive hail storm passed through our area northwest of Lubbock and pounded us with golf ball to baseball sized hail. We huddled in our house while the beating continued for a full half hour or more. That is a pretty unnerving experience, and one I don't care to repeat. Crops were devastated, vehicles were beat up, and roofs were heavily damaged.

Considering that we have lived in West Texas for a good 20 years or so, I suppose we are lucky we haven't seen more storms such as that.

There is a small chance of storms popping up again tonight. We'll see what happens.

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