Monday, June 2, 2014

San Angelo Murals

There are a number of lovely murals in the downtown San Angelo area. At least some of the murals are the product of a non-profit group called Historic Murals of San Angelo. The murals depict scenes representative of local history, and they are quite well done.

I recently drove around the downtown area snapping photos of many of the murals. I know I missed some. A truck was parked in front of one of the murals, for example, so I decided not to take that photo. But not all the murals I saw show up on the list at the above web site. I wonder if there is another group or perhaps individuals who have painted some of the murals.

Anyway, here are pictures of some of the murals in downtown San Angelo. If you get the chance to visit our city, you might want to stop by for an up-close look at each. They really do a wonderful job of telling the story of San Angelo.

This mural is on the side of a building at Chadbourne and East 4th Street.

This mural and the 2 following are together at Oakes and Concho.

Along with the mural above and the one following, this mural depicts the military history of San Angelo. Located at Oakes and Concho.
This is the third of the military series of murals located at Oakes and Concho.
This blacksmith mural is located across Oakes Street from the 3 murals shown above.

This street scene is located near Concho and Chadbourne.

This is the left half a mural depicting scenes from the economics that have driven the area. It is located on Randolph Street just off Beauregard.

This is the right half of the mural above. Cattle, King Cotton, and black gold are featured in this mural.

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