Friday, June 27, 2014

Harvesting Onions and Other Things

I spent some time in the yard yesterday harvesting my onions. Back in January I planted a bed of red onions and another bed of Texas 1015 onions.  Later, I interplanted some Yukon Gold potatoes in with the onions. Although some of the onions probably could have stayed in the ground a bit longer, I needed to give the spreading potatoes more room, so I harvested the onions yesterday.

Red onions on the left and Texas 1015 onions on the right. Both onion beds share their space with Yukon Gold potatoes. In restricted space, you have to make every inch count.
I've never had much luck growing red onions, but my 1015s normally do well. We've been eating both types for the past 2 months or so, but we still had quite a few in the ground continuing to mature.

A batch of the 1015s I harvested.

I place a layer of newspaper, top it with some soil (sand would be even better), and then place onions so that they are not touching. I repeat the process as needed. The soil keeps the onions from shifting about. Onions store well this way when kept in a cool, dry area.
Our cucumbers are also doing well, and we have started picking them recently. I have them along the back of the house, and they are climbing up some poles I have leaned against the house.

I patched together some poles as a makeshift trellis for the cucumber vines to climb up. This batch is now producing and should give us more than enough for our needs.

A cucumber on the vine.
We also have tomatoes and peppers. Even though the plants are healthy, we do not see any fruit on the vines yet. Hopefully they will begin producing soon.

Tomatoes and peppers in the bed along the house.
In the picture above, note how lush and green the grass is. I continue to be impressed with this Celebration Bermuda that Donna and I put in last year. I have not watered our yard yet this year, but you can't tell that from the picture above. Yes, we've had some good rain in the past month or more, but even prior to that, the grass was still green, though not as lush as it is now.

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