Sunday, May 4, 2014

Images of Port Aransas

As I've previously said, I'm not a beach person. I don't like sand getting in everything; I don't like high humidity; I don't like that constant wind; I don't even care that much for seafood.

But I do like Port Aransas. It's easy, very laid-back. I'm sure crowds descend on this tiny community during Spring Break, but whenever we have visited over the years, things have been quite relaxed. I guess there is a bit of that "island time" mentality about the place. On local streets, people seem to take their time and drive the speed limit, though some folks do get in a bit of hurry on 361 south. Lots of folks walk, bicycle, or drive about on various slower-paced vehicles. And it's interesting to drive around the side-streets to see how the locals live.

One of the best places to get a glimpse of island life is from Roberts Point Park, just east of the ferry. The park is actually a small peninsula that forms Turtle Cove, where many of the local boats are docked. There is a fishing pier, observation deck, restrooms, and other facilities. The images below were taken from this park.

4 of the ferries at the loading point on the Aransas Pass side of the waterway.
A pair of dolphins swimming just off the shore.

The Aransas Pass lighthouse, located on Harbor Island a few miles to the north

Donna on a pier with various boats in the background.
This picture of the marina was taken from the top of the observation tower.
The following images were taken from other points in and around Port Aransas.

Horace Caldwell Pier near the north end of the island
One of the ferries making a crossing

This evergreen tree was outside our hotel, and we saw several others around the island. I don't know what it is, but we liked it. I took a close-up, but the picture was bad. (Note: after posting, a reader from Port Aransas wrote to say these are Norfolk Pines.)

This is the type of beach picture you don't normally see. Port-a-potties line the parking area and a maintenance vehicle sits idly by. The dune on the right is typical of this beach area. Most hotels and homes are located behind (west of) the dunes. There are no actual beach-front developments of any type.

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  1. Keith & Donna, thank you for your wonderful post! The mysterious trees on the island are Norfolk pines. Glad ya'll enjoyed our little island we call paradise ~ Port A!