Saturday, May 17, 2014

Courtney's Baby Shower

We attended Courtney's baby shower last Sunday (Mother's Day). It was held in the home of her mother-in-law. We enjoyed seeing our son-in-law's side of the family again.

Courtney and her family live less than 2 hours north of us in a small community near Big Spring. She lives in what Donna and I call "the compound." Courtney and Michael live in a small house nestled between two of Michael's brothers. The older brother lives in front with his family while the younger brother lives in back with his family. Courtney's mother-in-law lives one house away to the east. I'm glad Courtney is so close to family. The kids will all grow up together.

So, Courtney is expecting in late July. This should be the last grandchild for us. Three children is a big enough family for Court. The new child is a boy, and he will be named Jensen Thomas. The Thomas part of the name is in honor of my father. It's a shame that they didn't give that named to Camden, for that little rascal looks just like my father.

Court and the boys will come down for one more visit just after school is out. Donna is hoping that Camden will let her hold him this trip. He was a real Momma's boy last trip and really wasn't too impressed with his grandmother. Babies and animals usually take to Donna, so I'm sure he'll come around.

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