Sunday, April 20, 2014

Strolling About the Yard

I took the camera for a stroll about the yard a day or two ago. It's worth noting that we enjoyed about half an inch of rain during the morning hours earlier today, so the yard should really come to life with the rain and the nitrogen. We are grateful for any rain we get here, and this is the best rain we've had for at least 4 months. I think it's appropriate that this life giving rain arrived on Easter Sunday.

I planted some 1015 sweet onions and some red onions back in late January. They are coming along well and should be ready to harvest pretty soon. If we store them properly, they will provide our needs for several months. About 2 or 3 weeks ago, I interplanted some Yukon Gold potatoes among the onions, and they are now up and growing nicely. As they grow and need more room, I'll harvest the onions from around them. You have to make every inch work when you have a small yard.

Red onions on the left (can you say homemade hamburgers?) and sweet 1015 onions on the right. With the rain we just received, the grass should green up quite a bit.
We planted some oregano, thyme, and lavender last summer, and it really came through the winter nicely. Back in January or so, I trimmed these plants thoroughly and really cleaned them out. They seemed to enjoy that, and they look healthy, even with very limited watering. In fact, they are beginning to crowd one another.

From left to right, oregano, thyme, and lavender in a bed bordering the house.
I did not take a picture of the two sage plants we have out front, but they are filling out nicely. The rain early this morning will help them greatly, and they will probably burst into flower in the next few days. Over the winter, they looked a little lean, but they look much better now. One of my yuccas appears to be dead. If so, I'll remove it and replace it with something else. For now, the other yucca is getting ready to bloom.

The surviving yucca in our front yard. The stem sticking straight up is full of blooms, which will flower in the next few days. Notice the very green and healthy sage bush in the background. It's a bit thin on the side facing the camera, but the rain this morning will really help that.

Finally, some of my neighbors have soft yucca plants that are already in bloom. I've always loved the milky blooms of yuccas.

Soft yucca across the street in full bloom.

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