Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pot Calling the Kettle Black

The new GM CEO, Mary Barra, is being grilled by a congressional committee regarding allegations that certain models of GM products were faulty and that GM was negligent in responding to the need to make necessary repairs.

GM should be taken to task. The problem existed for a decade with no real attempt to act responsibly. As a result, 13 people died. I'm not a big GM fan anyway as they are one of the two American auto companies that took stimulus money. In GM's defense, they have repaid this stimulus money, including interest, but for them to find themselves in a position where they needed such money bothers me. It smacks of mismanagement.

I do not know when Ms. Barra learned of the problems she is currently answering for. She's only been the CEO for 3 months, so she certainly wasn't in the driver's seat when all of these events were happening. But she's the CEO now, so the congressional committee is beating her up. Someone has to take the heat. And the lady is showing her ability to weather the storm. It will be interesting to see how she leads GM in the days to come.

But I find it a bit ludicrous that a congressional committee is taking GM to task.

I watch these congressional committees sit in judgement on all sorts of matters. Our elected representatives love to sit in their high-dollar chairs and peer down on those they are questioning. They can be -- and often are -- haughty in their manner, and they are quick to assign blame.

Don't you just love it when members of the most dysfunctional group of people in our country tell others what they are doing wrong? I'd love to form a committee to grill Congress on all of their faults and shortcomings and failures. The problem is, I only expect to live another 20 years, so that would not be enough time for me to even get started telling those hypocrites what they are doing wrong.

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