Monday, March 10, 2014

Springing Forward and Other Things

We sprang an hour forward yesterday. Spring isn't far away, just another 10 days or so. I always look forward to Autumn and Spring, in that order, each year.

I'm hoping we will have a good wildflower crop this year, but because of lack of rain, I'm prepared for a poor crop. On our trip a couple of weeks ago, we saw scattered batches of dandelions, both yellow and white, on our drive through East Texas. We also saw dogwoods and one or two redbuds. I'm sure there are more now, and the wisteria, my mother's favorite, is probably draping the trees in that part of Texas now. I do miss the colors of spring and fall.

Color in West Texas is not as prominent and plentiful as in East Texas, though it is evident if you know where and when to look. During my days working at Region 18 ESC in Midland, I always looked forward to February trips to the Big Bend area when the Big Bend Bluebonnets would be in bloom. Mountain laurels should be blooming soon, I think.

This has been a very dry year for the Concho Valley; we've had only .08 inch of rain so far. This is not good for wildflowers, but there has been more rain in the Hill Country, so it is possible they may have a good crop. I'm watching the paper for wildflower sightings now, and when these start to pop up, Donna and I will probably make some day trips in the area. I'll let you know what we find.

I hope you have good spring color wherever you are.

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  1. Keith - I thought of you and Donna yesterday. I am with a friend in Arizona and we went to the desert botanical gardens. There is a Chihuly glass exhibit as well. We hit the jackpot yesterday. Color everywhere and the best thing is...yesterday's entrance was free. I enjoy reading and keeping up with you two! Hope to see you both soon.