Tuesday, March 4, 2014

On the Road: Boat Loop

Donna and I just returned from a week long trip.

Our recent 1100+ mile trip.
We started our trip by spending some time in Conroe so that we could visit Donna's mother. Conroe is Donna's hometown. We make several trips there each year.

Next we went to Shreveport, where we stayed at the Eldorado. We had some free nights, free play, and free meals there, so we spent 3 nights, doing a bit of gaming there and at Sam's Town next door. We also visited Athena Greek and Lebanese Grill while there. This is a stop we almost always make while in Shreveport as we really enjoy their food.

From Shreveport, we went to Ft. Worth for a couple of nights to visit my brother Larry and his wife Nancy. We took a different route to their house, going up through Mt. Pleasant, Sulphur Springs, Greenville and other places along a more northern route. We just wanted to see some different country for a change. While in Ft. Worth, they took us to the Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History. We enjoy museums, and Ft. Worth has some very good ones. I hope we can visit more next time we are in town.

Finally, we headed home along I-20. Since we were in no hurry, we detoured through Ranger and Eastland, even driving around Lake Leon just south of Eastland. We stopped for lunch in Abilene at Fazzoli's, our favorite Italian fast food place; I wish we had one in San Angelo. We then drove home on US-277, passing through a range of hills that were rather scenic for this part of Texas.

It's always good to get out. We don't travel as much as we did when we had our travel trailer, but we do have some trips planned for the coming months.

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