Thursday, January 16, 2014

Boomer Toons

Donna and I belong to AARP. If you are 50+ and not a member, you really should look into it. There are numerous benefits.

But, I'm not trying to sell you a subscription today. I really just want to share something with you. In the latest AARP monthly magazine, I found a link to some Boomer Toons. These are animated cartoons by Walt Handelsman, and they target those of us over age 50. Set to popular songs, each focuses on some aspect of aging. So, without further ado, I invite you to visit the AARP website and enjoy.

I think Donna and I probably identify most closely with the Mem'ries toon. Both of us do word puzzles on our Kindles, and I work 1 or more crossword puzzles each day. In addition, we each carry small notebooks in which we write notes to ourselves. These notes can be reminders, shopping lists, or anything else we want to remember, including URL addresses to AARP websites such as the one indicated above.


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