Thursday, December 5, 2013

Old Man Winter Has Arrived, Part 2

It was just about 2 weeks ago that I posted Old Man Winter Has Arrived. Normally we don't get severe winter storms this close together, at least not in this part of Texas. But here we go again.

A front moved through San Angelo in the early morning hours, dropping temperatures drastically in a matter of hours. The temperature as I write this (9:44 AM on Thursday, November 5) is 32 degrees. The wind is blowing from the north at 18 mph, making the wind chill a frigid 21 degrees. Yesterday, the temperature reached a balmy 84 degrees. What a difference a day can make! Tonight the low is expected to fall to 24. The high tomorrow will reach 30 while the low tomorrow night will dip to 19 degrees. We have a 50% chance of precipitation later today, rising to 80% tonight. We should get some ice, perhaps even some snow.

We don't get that much frigid weather in San Angelo. Sure, we'll get some freezes and even a snow or two each year. But they usually are spread far apart and last for only a day or two. Having two cold snaps about 2 weeks apart is unusual. And this cold spell will remain at the freezing level for 3 full days, then level off to highs only in the 40s for the next several days. Very unusual.

But Donna is in the kitchen cooking up a big pot of beef stew, enough to last the two of us for several days. And last week I had a gas insert installed in our fireplace, so we have the fire glowing.

We opted for the gas insert instead of real wood because of convenience. In our fireplace, when you want a fire, just turn on the gas and fire her up. When you are finished, just turn it off. There's no fussing with building a fire, hauling in fire wood, cleaning out ashes, and all of that. I still enjoy a real fire, especially when we camp, but as we grow older, convenience becomes more important.

So, we'll sit back in front of our fire, savor our beef stew, and enjoy the cold snap. I hope all of you stay nice and warm.

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