Thursday, December 19, 2013

Concho Christmas Light Tour

Donna and I love to go out this time of year and look at Christmas lights. When you live in San Angelo, that means going to the Concho Christmas Light Tour. The Tour is not the best Christmas light display in the world, but it is pretty unique, especially for West Texas.

The Tour begins at 1st Street and River Drive. For the next mile or so, the Tour follows River Drive along the north bank of the North Concho River. Most of the lights are located across the river, on the south bank. Their lights dance and sparkle in the waters of the slow-moving river, and their reflections are often broken by the ripples from ducks moving about the river. The bulk of the lights are dedicated to the 12 Days of Christmas theme.

After a mile along the river, the Tour then takes a left on Irving Street for 1 block to Concho Street, the original business street of downtown San Angelo. Many of the stores along the 2 block section of Concho Street on the tour are decorated. At Oakes Street, the Tour turns right, crosses the river and then the railroad tracks, and turns into the pavilion across from Fort Concho National Historic Landmark. A number of light displays are concentrated here, ending with a living nativity scene on weekends.

We also like to drive through Santa Rita, an older neighborhood in the city. The residents decorate the divided roadway along Paseo de Vaca Street, ending with a diorama display of "The Night Before Christmas" story.

There are other prominent displays in town, including one on Hill Street and Avenue R that a local family erects each year, but the above two are our favorites. For the drive around town, Donna made hot cocoa. Now, I'm not talking instant powder and hot water cocoa here, I'm talking the real stuff with real cocoa and real milk. Boy, that made the night complete.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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