Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sam's Town, Las Vegas, Nevada

We spent the week of October 20 - 25 at Sam's Town on the Boulder Highway in Las Vegas. This currently is our favorite casino to visit.

First of all, Sam's Town has our favorite video poker game, Full Pay Deuces Wild, at lower denominations. This is a great game for low-rollers like us.

There is much more to do at Sam's Town than gamble, though. Like Boulder Station, there is also a movie theater at Sam's Town, Century 18; however, there was nothing showing during our stay there that we wanted to see.

We did attend the weekly Variety Toast of the Town event. I enjoyed this. Held each Thursday at 2:00 PM, this show brings in local Las Vegas talent for a pretty good variety show. The emcee of the show was Doug Starks, a local talent who has obviously been heavily influenced by Sammie Davis, Jr. Backed by a local combo, her sang a few tunes and introduced the other acts. Also in the show were Champagne and Caviar, a duo who sang standards by Sam and Dave and others. Perhaps the greatest potential talent to take the stage for this event was a 14 year-old girl whose name I did not catch. It was something like Jessica Bannon, but I've been unable to find info about her online. This young lady performed a couple of Broadway style songs and showed great range and poise. My least favorite performer of the group was comedian Derek Richards. I guess I'm a bit of a prude, but when comedians resort to foul language, they lose me. A good comedian uses wit and clever ideas and wording to produce humor, not a string of obscenities. Overall, though, I enjoyed the show, which lasted more than an hour. It started on time and moved right along. Best of all, it was free.

On the lower level, there is a bowling alley. Donna and I enjoy going down, getting an order of nachos, and watching the various leagues in action.

We enjoy the eateries at Sam's Town quite a bit. Perhaps our favorite eating place is Willy and Jose's Cantina. We've eaten there 3 times now, and we've never been disappointed. We always order the fajitas. I always get beef, while Donna enjoys the shrimp. The food is plentiful, and I find the meat to be of very good quality. My only complaint is that the fajita taste is not pronounced enough; I taste grill, but I want more fajita seasoning. Still, it's very, very good.

During our stay at Sam's Town, I finally began to tire of gambling, believe it or not. One reason for this was that many of the people playing the machines where we were playing were smokers, more so than usual. We couldn't seem to get away from them. Usually, I can hit the machines early and avoid the crowds, but people were showing up at these machines early in the morning, so we had smokers all day. I was glad when it was time to check out.

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