Monday, November 4, 2013

Boulder Station, Las Vegas, Nevada

We spent the week of October 15 – 20 at Boulder Station. Although we had played here once or twice in the past, we had never stayed here before. However, based on our very limited play, we had received an offer for reduced room rates so we decided to give the place a try.

Boulder Station is located just beyond Sam’s Town, our normal Las Vegas destination, on the Boulder Highway. Boulder Station is known as a “local’s casino”. Local’s casinos normally provide better gaming odds than their counterparts on the Strip. You don't normally get the glitz and glamor at these places, but then, Donna and I don't have much glitz and glamor anymore. Well, I don't, but Donna seems to be holding her own quite nicely, thank goodness.

So, what do we do when we spend a week at a casino? Well, we gamble – a lot. But we do other things as well. Boulder Station has a Regal Cinema, so we saw Captain Phillips there on Wednesday, which is “senior’s day.” Because of our senior status, we got in for $4 each. This was a great, action packed movie. If you want to know why Tom Hanks has won 2 Academy Awards, be sure to watch the final 10 minutes of this movie. Barkhad Abdi as Muse, the pirate chief, was also impressive. We will be seeing more of this gifted young Somali actor, I'm sure. The emotions conveyed in his eyes was riveting.

One day we drove across town and toured a 50+ housing community, just in case we ever decide to move to Vegas. I doubt we would ever make such a move, but it's fun looking and dreaming.

But most of the time, we gambled. After the long drive to Vegas, it took us the first 2 or 3 days just to recover, so initially we just relaxed. When in a casino, I like to get up early, have a light breakfast, then get a large cup of good coffee and play video poker for about 3 hours.

We also participated in promotions. On Wednesday, for example, we played three rounds in a slot tournament. On Thursday, we played two rounds in a video poker tournament. Neither of us had high enough scores to win anything, though.

And we ate quite a bit. Boulder Station has a number of eateries, from fast food to fine dining, as well as the obligatory buffet. We sampled several of them.

But mostly we gambled. We enjoyed playing our favorite games, but we also enjoyed the challenge of gambling smart and competing against the house. We had a good time.

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