Friday, October 11, 2013

Movie Review: Gravity

One of the side benefits of being retired is being able to go to movies during the day when most people are working or are in school. Not only are ticket prices lower, but attendance is low, so you often have the theater practically to yourself.

On a recent weekday afternoon, Donna and I went to see Gravity, a science fiction thriller starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Donna likes any movie with George Clooney; she says he reminds her of me. I get that a lot.

In the movie, Sandra Bullock plays the role of Dr. Ryan Stone, a mission specialist on her first space shuttle mission. Clooney is Matt Kowalski, mission commander. These are the only two actors in the movie, though we do hear other voices via radio.

Space debris from a satellite hurls through space, damaging the space shuttle as well as other satellites. Kowalski and Stone, who are working outside the shuttle at the time, survive the high-speed debris, but the shuttle is damaged. They are, in effect, lost in space. The remainder of the movie concerns their efforts to survive.

One of the things I really liked about this movie is that it got into the heart of the plot almost immediately. In so many movies, it seems as though half the movie is over before the plot actually begins, with a great deal of time given to "background." That is not the case in this movie. The real action of the plot starts within the first 10 minutes and continues non-stop until the end of the movie.

I was impressed by the technology used to produce the film. Instead of Gravity, the movie could easily have been called Anti-Gravity for almost the entire movie involved scenes of weightlessness.

I'm not a big science fiction fan, but I did enjoy this movie. It was a good way to spend some time on a quiet afternoon.

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