Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Sheriff Is Coming

I have to admit, I'm a bit nervous, even a bit intimated. In all honesty, I'm downright scared. The Sheriff is coming back to town. And you can see from his picture below that he's not in the mood for any foolishness, and foolishness is what I specialize in.

Recent photo of the angry sheriff; he takes no prisoners. Actually, he looks more like a ruling monarch in this photo; perhaps even a tyrant or despot.
The Sheriff doesn't put up with much nonsense; you can see from the above picture that he's a pretty serious fellow. I go out of my way to behave myself when he's around. He's in charge, and he knows it, and so does everyone else.

The little guy will be coming to town this weekend with his entire posse, so we'll spend the week getting everything ready for them. He's finally putting on some weight, and he seems to be throwing that weight around quite a bit.

You can bet I'll be on my best behavior this weekend.

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