Monday, September 16, 2013

San Angelo Sunrise

Now that school has started, Donna and I have started driving out to San Angelo State Park from time to time for our morning walks, especially during the school week. There is an elementary school near our home, so traffic is pretty heavy on many streets in our neighborhood, especially from 7:30 to shortly after 8:00 AM. Since the sun doesn't come up until after 7:00 AM now and our walks last about an hour, that puts us right in the middle of school traffic. Later on when the weather cools, we'll take our walks in the late morning or early afternoon; for now, though, temps are still rather high and we prefer to walk early, so we will visit the park occasionally.

Since we are annual pass holders, the park put our names on a list so that we can get a combination to the lock on the main gate and go in early. On our way out, we stop at the office and let them scan our pass and enter our "count" (how many people in our party).

The park is nice early in the morning. We can walk without worrying about speeding traffic and enjoy the peace and quiet as well as the views. Last week on our early morning walk there, we saw 2 small bunches of deer, numerous rabbits, and a wild turkey. This morning, we saw several deer, some rabbits, and 2 coveys of quails.

We also enjoyed watching the sun rise over the dam of O.C. Fisher lake this morning. West Texas has some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets I've seen. The pictures below are more or less average for this area. Perhaps I'll catch some better sun rises at another time. For now, these pictures will allow me to share our sky with you.

The sun was just coming up, but was still behind the dam.

The sun tops the horizon.

We enjoy walking through the campgrounds and looking at all the overnight RV visitors in the park. We still have an interest in RVing and believe that one day we may full-time it for several years. The time we spent traveling in our trailer last year was one of the most enjoyable and rewarding times in our lives, and we miss many aspects of it; however, I don't miss towing at all. For now, we content ourselves with watching other RVers.

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