Sunday, September 8, 2013

Good Eats: 3 Parrots Taco Shop

I haven't posted a dining review in quite a while. Since Donna and I have not traveled recently (we'll be hitting the road again soon), we really haven't had much opportunity to try anything new or different.

Since our return to San Angelo earlier this year, a new eatery has opened on Knickerbocker Road. 3 Parrots Taco Shop has sort of a Jimmy Buffet/Caribbean/Mexican theme. When I first noticed the place, I visited their website to see what type of food they offer. Basically, this is fast food Mexican. The web site says that it was created to bring "quality and consistency to a fragmented Baja taco market." It further states the business is built around a "surf/beach theme environment with great art and music to instill the ideas of summer year round."

I'm sure that a lot of people will like this sort of place. Frankly, though, the price of the food and the taste will probably keep me from returning.

When I first saw the menu, I noticed that prices were a bit higher than other local places, and the menu is a bit limited. Quite frankly, there are full-service establishments in town with better food and better prices. I'm not saying the food is bad; I'm saying it is not to my taste. Again, there are many folks who, I'm sure, would enjoy this place.

We've been there twice now. After the first visit, I withheld writing a review because I just wasn't sure about how I felt about the place. But after our second visit earlier this week, Donna and I both agree that this is not the type of Mexican food we prefer. I admit we are kind of stuck in our ways on some things. I prefer traditional Tex-Mex cuisine.

On both visits, we used coupons we received in flyers. On our last visit, for example, our bill came to over $23; after the coupons were applied, the final amount was just over $15. $23 for fast-food is simply too much for us to pay unless we are getting some really good food. We can visit local fast-food Mexican places like Rosa's or Julio's Burritos and pay much less (as little as half that) and be much better satisfied. In fact, I was still hungry when we left 3 Parrots the last time, and I'm not a big eater.

On our first visit to 3 Parrots about 2 months ago, I had the beef fajita plate while Donna had the taco plate. On our most recent visit, I had the cheese enchilada plate while Donna had the burrito bowl. We shared an order of nachos. A bottle of chipotle mojo sauce adorns each table. I found it to have a very strong vinegary taste, unlike the strong smoky flavor of other chipotle sauces I've tried and liked. Most of the food also seemed to be heavily salted.

On our first visit, the place was doing a good business, with customers streaming in and out. On our more recent visit, which occurred at about the same time of day, only a handful of customers were present.

Again, I'm sure that there is a market for this type of food, but for traditional Tex-Mex fans like Donna and me, we probably won't be returning.

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