Monday, August 19, 2013

Water From the Air

I saw an interesting story in my local paper, the San Angelo Standard Times, this morning. Entitled "Water source out of thin air," the story concerns new technology that uses humidity to create fresh water. Elizabeth Jacobo, a local entrepreneur, lives outside the city and was concerned about the quality of her drinking water. After some research, she discovered a Florida-based company that was using a machine to create drinking water from humidity in the air.

She researched the company and machine for a couple of years, then took the plunge and purchased the smaller of the two machines, the Skywater® 14 Office/Home, which produces up to 10 gallons a day. This machine initially costs about $2,200 and produces chemical free water according to one water-testing company. I would expect that further testing should be done sometime. According to the literature, only 2 filter changes are needed per year, and no installation is needed -- just plug in and start making clean water from the vapor in the air.

Jacobo is now marketing the machine locally. She calls her company Skywater, and her website provides the details about the technology.

There is a larger machine, the Skywater® 300,  that can produce up to 300 gallons per month, but it costs more than $30,000. That is quite an investment, and installation into the home's (or business's) plumbing system is required. Still, a machine which potentially produces about 9,000 gallons a month basically eliminates your need for a local water source. It would take a lot of years, though, to recoup your initial investment.

I want to be clear that I am not endorsing this product; I personally do not know how well the technology works. I simply found the story interesting. It is good to see this type of technology being developed. With ongoing droughts throughout many parts of the country, alternative water sources must be developed. And as more of these machines are produced, costs should come down over time and the resources for making fresh water will increase.

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