Monday, August 12, 2013

For Whom the Bell Tolls

The school bell will be tolling soon, but not for me. And I'm happy with that, for I love being retired. But the old educator in me still has an educational clock ticking that brings back so many good memories of this time of year. After all, I've spent almost my entire life in school, first as a student and later as a teacher.

Two-a-day workouts began last week in Texas. The boys began working out -- sans pads --and each team has dreams of advancing through district competition to the state playoffs. Our local TV news station began a series, reporting each night on two area teams. Last week among others they covered Ozona, where Courtney graduated in 1999 and I taught for several years. Pro NFL preseason games also began appearing on TV last week. When football is in the air, you know it's time for school doors to open.

Soon in-service sessions for teachers will be held, class rosters will be distributed, and classroom bulletin boards will be decorated. Hallways will be filled with students and teachers, and old friendships will be renewed. It's a time of new beginnings. Even though as a teacher I always hated to see summers end, I always got excited about the start of a new year.

The first football games will begin soon, and the season will carry us from hot weather into the cooling days of autumn. Before we know it, Halloween will sneak up on us, followed by Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. We'll turn around, and football season will be over and we'll find ourselves in the middle of winter, and we'll wonder where the time has gone.

For Donna and me, we love this time of year. I love when the kids go back to school, for that is when our traveling picks up. It's great to be able to travel at these times, for there are fewer travelers out there and off-season prices are better. We have several trips planned in the coming months, and we can't wait to hit the road.

We'll see you down the road.

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