Sunday, July 28, 2013

Recent Rains

We were blessed with 3 inches of rain about 2 weeks ago. Surrounding areas received about the same, though amounts varied. Heavier rains fell farther east, which does not do much for our watershed, but we'll take what we can get. The nice thing about this rain was that is was spread over 4 days, thus giving time for the rain to soak in. The temperatures remained well below normal, with highs just below 70 on one day. What a treat for us in July. The rains were also peaceful. Most of our rains, it seems, bring lightning, loud thunder, and heavy winds, but these rains just fell gently to the earth. It was  nice.

On July 16, Lake O.H. Ivie, San Angelo's primary source of water, was down to 96,007 acre feet, which is 17% of capacity. Following the rains, on July 22, after runoff had time to reach the lake, the level had risen to 103,613 acre feet, which is 19% of capacity. This gives us another 1 to 2 months of water. Lake O.H. Ivie is fed primarily by the upper Colorado River and the Concho River.

We currently have a 16 or 17 month water supply. Of course, whenever it rains substantially, that time span is extended. Even with the good rains we recently received, we are still below our average for this time of year.

Immediately after the rain, Donna and I drove out to San Angelo State Park to see how much water had accumulated in O.C. Fisher. We were surprised that there was no standing water in the lake bed, as water has pooled there at other times that we received even less rain than fell this time. We did get to see some of the longhorns that call the park home, though, so that was a treat. Everything looks pretty green around here for this time of year.

I wish this fellow would have turned, for he had the most impressive set of horns of the group.

I love the traditional spotty coloring of longhorns.

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