Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Night at the Theater: Tuna Does Vegas, by Ed Howard, Joe Sears, and Jaston Williams

Donna and I attended a play at the San Angelo Civic Theater over the weekend: Tuna Does Vegas, by Ed Howard, Joe Sears, and Jaston Williams.

Here is the promotional blurb from the theater's website regarding the play:

"Meet the lovable and eccentric characters from Tuna, “third smallest town in Texas”, reunite as they take a hilarious romp in Sin City. The hilarity begins when oddball-conservative radio host Arles Struvie announces on air that he and his wife Bertha Bumiller are heading to Vegas to renew their wedding vows...but everyone in Tuna, Texas goes along for the ride!"

The "Tuna" plays are a series, which include Greater Tuna, A Tuna Christmas, and Red, White and Tuna as well as Tuna Does Vegas. The series of plays was written by the authors named above, and all plays are set in the fictional town of Tuna, Texas, the "third-smallest" town in the state. This is the second Tuna play we've seen; from our experience, it appears that Tuna is located somewhere in the western portion of the state, as references are made to Lubbock, Amarillo, and even Midland.

In addition to the setting in the fictional town of Tuna, what makes the series unique is that 2 men play all the parts, both male and female. This also causes much of the humor, as some of the costumes are quite colorful, to say the least.

The plays satirize small town Southern life and attitudes. The scripts can be quite witty, and the plots must be cleverly written to allow one actor to move offstage to change outfits while the other actor remains on stage holding the audience's attention. Each actor may play a dozen or so characters.

I thought the actors portraying the parts in our local production did a fine job. Of course, they bring much more life to some characters than to others. 

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