Saturday, July 13, 2013

Last Ride of Big T

We said goodbye to another good friend yesterday -- our Toyota Tundra, also known affectionately as Big T to us. Big T was a loyal friend, and he took us to a lot of fun places. During the time we had him, we visited a number of states: Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona, and of course, Texas. He never gave us a bit of trouble, and was always ready to go.

Since we sold our trailer in May, there was really no reason for us to keep Big T, though. The Tundra is a big truck, and driving on some of the city streets with narrow lanes was a bit trying. And lots of parking spaces just aren't really big enough for the bigger trucks. In the city, we were averaging about 15 mpg, and highway driving was not much better at about 20 mpg. The last time we replaced the tires cost us almost $1,000.

It was time to make a change to something more efficient. So yesterday we traded in Big T for a Toyota Camry. City mpg is 25 on this car, while highway is 35 mpg. That's a big improvement. The ride is so much smoother compared to the Tundra, and handling is much easier. And we have so much more room in our garage now. The Tundra just barely fit, but the Camry seems a mere speck in comparison.

Before buying Big T, we had normally driven fuel efficient cars. The very first car I bought on my own was a 4 cylinder way back in 1973. I actually prefer a 6 cylinder and think it is the best blend of fuel efficiency and smooth ride with sufficient power. But many models are phasing out 6 cylinders it seems.

We considered a small SUV, such as we've enjoyed in the past. We looked at the Ford Escape and other similar SUVs, and we tested the Toyota RAV4. We really didn't care for the ride, though, so we opted for the smaller Camry.

I think we will be happy with our choice, and we're looking forward to our first road trip. At this time, we don't have anything scheduled until late September, so we may have a long wait. Our new grandbaby will be arriving any day now, so all of our time for the next two months will be scheduled with him in mind..

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