Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Hate Painting

I really hate painting. During my early years of teaching, I picked up extra money by painting during my summers as well as many days after school. As a result, I try to avoid anything remotely resembling painting these days.

But I felt that I needed to put something on the fence of our new house. As I drove up and down our alley, I noticed the fences of our neighbors. Most had stained or painted their fences, and they were holding up well under the constant West Texas sun. The few fences that had not been treated really stood out, like the one below.

Unpainted neighbor's fence really shows weathering of just a few years.
Now, I could have hired professionals to do my fence, but I'm something of a cheapskate. And I really hate to pay people for something that I am fully capable of doing. So, I moseyed down to my local Lowe's and picked up a combination semi-transparent stain and sealant with a cedar tint. I spent 2 days applying the stain, and I was quite sore afterwards from using the roller. But I'm happy with the results.

My fence on the left. My neighbor stained his fence much darker, but I wanted to see the lines of the wood and used a more neutral, transparent color. That is a mirror on my neighbor's fence, to help him back out.

My fence on the right. The fence beyond mine is on a new house. In other words, that is what my fence looked like prior to the work I did on it. The inset in the fence is where the gas meter is located. It is also spacious enough to store garbage for collection pickup.

Another chore out of the way.

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