Monday, July 1, 2013

Good Eats: Bodacious BBQ, Kilgore, Texas

On our way to Shreveport on our recent trip, we stopped for lunch at the Bodacious BBQ restaurant on I-20 just north of Kilgore on Highway 42. When we lived in Kilgore, we ate at this restaurant from time to time over the years, so we felt comfortable stopping here.

Bodacious is a BBQ chain that began about 1965 in Longview. Most franchises are located in East Texas, though we do have a Bodacious -- which we've yet to try -- in San Angelo. Now, if you're a long-time reader of this blog, you know I love BBQ, and my favorite BBQ is in the meat markets scattered about the small towns of Central Texas in places like Lockhart and Luling. But I can't go to Lockhart every time I want BBQ, so sometimes I end up visiting other BBQ joins around the state. Sometimes I'm disappointed and sometimes I'm delighted. Seldom have I found anything as good as the meat markets of Central Texas.

Over the years, I've found Bodacious to be pretty consistent. Although I don't consider it the best BBQ I've ever had, I'm usually satisfied with what I get.

On this trip, we decided to eat as we do at the Central Texas markets; that is, skip any side dishes and just order meat. We ordered half a pound of brisket, half a pound of sausage, and half a pound of pork ribs. I usually don't eat ribs much, but that was the best part of our lunch this time. They had a slightly sweet taste, and the meat pulled cleanly from the bones. The brisket was a bit dry, though it had a good flavor. The sausage was your standard store bought sausage, so nothing unusual there.

All in all it was a good meal, and just about the right amount of food for 2 hungry travelers.

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