Monday, June 17, 2013

The Kids and Other Things

Our daughter and her crew came down for a weekend visit. They live about 2 hours north of here in a small community, and they enjoy coming to the "big city" from time to time to eat out and go shopping. Our daughter is in about the 8th month of her pregnancy, and she's just about ready to bingo.

We had planned to attend a San Angelo Colts ballgame Friday night after they arrived, but believe it or not, it rained off and on much of Friday. Our grandson, Xander (short for Alexander), was a bit disappointed but took it in stride. His folks left yesterday (Sunday), but he is staying with us for a few extra days. We will take him to a ballgame Tuesday night.

Early Saturday, Courtney (daughter) rose early to discover a damp carpet in her room. She could hear a hissing sound in the wall. The bedroom she and Michael (son-in-law) were in shares a wall with the guest bathroom, so we checked that out, but there was no water anywhere in there. We eventually called our builder, Tony Jones, and he was at our door before 8:00 that morning. After locating his plumber, they eventually found a pin hole leak in a a fitting inside the wall spraying a stream directly at the wall in the guest bedroom. To me, it looked like a manufacturing defect in the fitting, since the tiny hole was actually in the metal part. I was grateful to Tony for getting on this right away and getting it fixed, as we were worried we might have to turn the water off for a long period of time. We've been extremely happy with Tony; he is very customer oriented and stands behind his work.

While overseas, Donna learned to cook numerous Mediterranean dishes, and for Father's Day, she made kofta kebabs, saffron rice, hummus, and baba ghanoush, with a few other side dishes. Even though Michael has never been abroad, he has learned to love the foreign dishes that both Donna and Courtney cook up. Xander more or less tolerates these dishes as he is something of a picky eater, but he's still rather young. We're sure he'll broaden his food horizons as he grows. He's kind of a meat and potatoes guy right now.

So Xander will stay with us until he wears us out this week, then we'll deliver the little monster to his mother near the end of the week. After that, we'll spend several days recuperating.

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