Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Flying Wild Alaska

Donna and I subscribe to Netflix. It's really a great deal. For $8.65 a month, we get unlimited streaming access to a vast number of movies, TV shows, and other videos.

I don't normally like "reality" type shows. Most seem to appeal to people who like to watch confrontations or bizarre behavior or toothless hillbillies. But we found a type of reality show recently that we really enjoyed watching. It is Flying Wild Alaska, which originally aired 23 episodes over 2 years on the Discovery Channel.

The show follows the Tweto family and their bush pilot airline that is based in Unalakleet, Alaska. The airline, ERA Alaska, is the largest regional airline in Alaska and operates hubs in Barlow, Nome, and Bethel, among other locales. The airline provides passenger service as well as cargo transport over most of western and northern Alaska. They also haul hunters, mountain climbers, and other outdoor enthusiasts to remote locales in the Alaskan bush.

We really like the show. In addition to the obvious emphasis on flying, many episodes included a great deal regarding life in Alaska, from the Iditarod race to whale hunting to local festivals. The local cuisine figured in many episodes as well.

But the show was really about the airline. If you had asked me a year ago what I thought the most difficult aspect of flying in Alaska is, I would have answered that it would be the cold. However, after watching the series, the main problem is the wind, especially when landing or taking off.

Now that we have sold our RV and our travels are more limited, watching this show allowed us to have the travel experience while staying at home. If you have an interest in Alaska or flying, I highly recommend this series.

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