Thursday, April 25, 2013

Old Man Winter is Still Here

Old Man Winter just refuses to leave this year. This is the second time in as many weeks that a cold front has pushed through the area, dropping night time lows into the 30s. For this area for this time of year, that is cold. But as I write this early this morning, the temp is 58, and the high today is expected to reach nearly 70. Tomorrow, normal temps return, with highs in 80s.

In our house, we really don't notice the cold spells, but if we were still in the travel trailer, we would certainly be feeling the cold. If it is 39 degrees outside, it is just a little over that in the trailer, unless you keep the furnace set high, and that really uses lots of propane. So, I'm glad to be in a real brick and mortar house with strong insulation values.

I have ordered sod for our back yard, and it is due to arrive tomorrow. I've ordered a brand known as Celebration Bermudagrass. This grass is touted to be drought tolerant, and that is what we need in San Angelo. I've prepped my yard and am ready to start laying the sod. If you are free on Friday, come on over and lend a hand.

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