Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's Good to Be Home

We woke up in our new house this morning. It's good to be home.

All the furniture has been moved. Boxes are stacked in the corners of rooms, waiting to be unpacked and their contents distributed about the house. We slept in our bed last night, and I slept really well. Donna soaked in a warm tub last night while I showered. It was so nice to be able to stretch my arms out while in the shower. You really come to appreciate the little things when you've been living in tight quarters for more than 8 months.

All utilities have been switched over. We have cable TV and Internet. Tomorrow, a Culligan's crew comes over to get our water softener and reverse osmosis system installed. Blinds have been installed in all windows. In the coming days, we'll hang pictures and really start making this place a home. I've already built 3 raised beds for our backyard and will work on getting grass up and growing this week. In the coming weeks, I'll get drought tolerant plants to landscape the backyard.

My biggest challenge is getting our entertainment center operational. Our television is functioning right now, but I need to connect it and the DVD player to our receiver and the wireless network to start getting Netflix, Pandora, and other Internet apps I've come to appreciate. I took pictures before disconnecting everything, so we'll see how well I can put the pieces of the puzzle back together. As a last resort, I'll get the Geek Squad out for a visit.

I'll probably start a routine of posting something about twice a week unless we are traveling or doing things out of the ordinary.

I'll see you down the road.

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