Saturday, April 6, 2013

Good Eats: Chisholm Trail BBQ, Lockhart, Texas

In our quest to hit all the BBQ places in Lockhart, we recently stopped in a Chisholm Trail BBQ on US 183 on the southern edge of town. Of all the places we’ve tried thus far in this part of the state, I would rate this place my least favorite. But that doesn't mean it's not good.

As we pulled into the parking lot, things looked good. As we got out of our vehicle, we were met by good smoke smells, and that’s always a good sign. And the parking lot was full. We were hopeful we were about to sample some good food.

Chisholm Trail is served cafeteria style, though you can buy meat by the pound if you like. We thought we would sample the plates this time. Prices were very reasonable. I purchased a plate with sausage and brisket for $6.95, while Donna got half a chicken for about the same price. Plates come with three sides, and you can help yourself from a wide assortment available in the serving line. I picked slaw, pinto beans, and mashed potatoes. Unlike many BBQ joints in this part of the state, BBQ sauce is available as are forks.

The casing on my sausage was extremely tough and very difficult to chew. While advertised as “hot”, I could not detect any kick to it. And I'm not a fire-eater like Donna. Usually when something is the least bit hot, I'm aware of it. The brisket had a nice smoke ring to it, but it was a bit tough and chewy as well. I could not detect the smoke flavor I look for in Central Texas BBQ joints. The beans were overcooked and very dry. The mashed potatoes were quite lumpy, though they tasted fine. The slaw was also good.

At some places, the food gets older as the day wears on, but we arrived at Chisholm Trail at high noon on a Sunday. This should have been their best product. Perhaps they were simply having a bad day. Regardless, I doubt I’ll return to Chisholm Trail. I don’t get to this part of the state often, so when I do, I want the best, and there are simply too many other good places to choose from nearby.

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