Thursday, April 11, 2013

Back to the Present

The entry on McKinney Falls State Park yesterday was the last entry for our recent trip to Central Texas. We've been back in San Angelo the past week or so finalizing preparations for our house. We close on our house tomorrow (Friday, April 12). We begin officially moving in that afternoon. We should be completely moved in on Saturday by noon.

This will be a busy few days for us, and my connectivity will be questionable. I'll post when I can.

All utilities are being changed over on Friday, and our cable TV and Internet should be connected that day as well. Our new fridge is also being delivered then. Blinds are also being installed that afternoon.

We have a small moving crew coming early Saturday. They should be able to move all the larger items from our storage room in just a few hours. We really downsized when we sold our last house, so we really don't have much at this time.

On Monday, the Culligan crew will come by to install a water softener and reverse osmosis system. Water in San Angelo is very, very hard; without a water softening system of some type, appliances and pipes really take a beating.

Actually, we've been moving a few items over in our Tundra the past few days and getting the house ready. Our builder has been super to work with, and he told us to go ahead and start moving in. While Donna has been unpacking boxes and lining shelves, I've been prepping the back yard for putting out grass. The front yard is low maintenance (no grass), but we did want a grassy patch in the backyard. We don't have much yard in this house -- which is good for me -- so I'm working on designing an area in our backyard that will be pleasant for us when we want to sit out.

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