Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sam's Town, Las Vegas

For the week of February 18 - 25, we stayed at Sam's Town Hotel and Gambling Hall on the Boulder Highway in Las Vegas. It was our second time to stay and play at Sam's Town, and we had a good time.

The rooms are very adequate at the hotel, though they do lack some amenities such as refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker. This seems to be a trend at casino hotels. They want you down in the casino playing and spending money, not in your room. And lack of fridge and microwave forces you to use their restaurants for food.

But Sam's Town has some good eateries, most of them located around Mystic Falls, the center atrium of the hotel. At various times throughout the day, Mystic Falls comes to life, with water spouts shooting 8 stories into the air and the cries of various wild animals, including wolves, bears, and eagles.

Mystic Falls

Sbarro, Panda Express, McDonald's, Willie and Jose's, and Billy Bob's Steakhouse are all located around Mystic Falls. We enjoyed $6.99 fajitas at Willie and Jose's while there. Although the fajitas lacked the strong fajita seasoning I like, the food was well prepared and the meat was quality meat. The food was so good, we ate there twice. Elsewhere around the casino are Dunkin' Donuts, Subway, TGIF, the Sam's Town Buffet, and two casino delis. The casino delis offer great deals, and are a good place top use your points.

Skylight above Mystic Falls. Hotel rooms are located on 3 sides of the atrium.
Glass elevators servicing the hotel at Sam's Town.
We like staying at Sam's Town. First, Sam's Town is part of the BConnected gaming club. BConnected has casinos around the country, so our play around the country keeps the comps coming in for us. Second, Sam's Town Las Vegas has full pay deuces wild video poker, which returns 100.76% with perfect play over the long term, so it is an advantage play for serious video poker players.

Third, in addition to gambling, Sam's Town offers other entertainment. There is a bowling alley downstairs and a movie theater on the main floor. The casino also operates a shuttle service to the Strip and downtown. During the week we were there, we never cranked our truck.

Mystic Falls. Water flows from various holes in the rock. At designated times during the day, water fountains shoot straight into the air. Note the mechanical bear at lower right. During shows, he rares up, growls, and paws at the air.
Another angle of Mystic Falls. Note cougar at left and eagle at center of picture. A wolf on a track at the top of the mountain rolls out and howls.
Looking down on Mystic Falls park from the second floor balcony in front of the elevators. Walkways weave through the atrium park. Various mechanical animals live in the park, including woodpeckers that tap away.
Sam's Town is easy to reach. The Boulder Highway does not have the traffic of the Strip. There is also a Super Walmart right across the street from Sam's Town. If you want some variety in your gambling, Boulder Station is less than a mile up the Boulder Highway. Like Sam's Town, it also offers full pay deuces wild at 100.76%.

I'm sure we'll be heading back to Sam's Town in the near future.

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  1. They want you down in the vegas casino playing and spending money, not in your room.