Thursday, March 14, 2013

Midessa Oil Patch RV Park

During our recent trip to Midland to attend the Moody Blues concert, we took our travel trailer and stayed at Midessa Oil Patch RV Park. The park is conveniently located halfway between Midland and Odessa, an area sometimes referred to as the Petroplex. The airport is no more than 2 miles away, and the Wagner Noel Center for the Performing Arts, where the concert was held, is located about 4 or 5 miles north. For Interstate 20 travelers, the park is an easy off/easy on location. Gas stations are conveniently located at exit 176 (Highway 1788) near the park.

This RV park is obviously popular, as there were few vacant spots during our stay. However, there are not that many RV parks in the Petroplex, so competition is limited. Fruitless mulberry trees are plentiful in the park, so shade should be good during the summer months. There is a pool, laundry facilities, and clean restroooms/showers, and propane is available in the park. The office also serves as a convenience store that carries basic supplies.

Back of office. Laundry is to the right. Pool is to the left, out of picture.
Cabins such as these as well as tent sites are available in the park.
From the shape of the office, it appears that the park at one time was a KOA park. And the design is typical of KOAs. From my experience, KOA parks are pretty consistent at squeezing as many camping sites into a space as possible to maximize profits. Many KOA parks were designed years ago when RVs were smaller and slide outs were unheard of. Fitting modern rigs in those same spaces is difficult. It is nearly impossible to eke out room for both your rig and your vehicle in these smaller sites. Maneuvering your rig through the narrow lanes and then parking is also challenging.

Our neighbors were a little too close. Note their sewer hose near the tree, just beyond our back steps.
Although I was able to park our rig without much difficulty, I don't have a larger RV. I was barely able to fit my 30 foot trailer and 20 foot pickup in the space I was assigned. My neighbor was uncomfortably close. I watched as larger motorhomes and fifth wheels slowly wormed their way through the tight turns and narrow roadways.

Narrow roadways and tight sites. Notice the rear of the minivan is sticking slightly into the roadway.
The park was nearly full during our stay. Lots of folks from the oil boom are living here.
I was also disappointed that the park did not provide cable TV, at least to short term residents. I got the impression that a cable solution is available to long term residents. Fortunately, there are several stations in the Petroplex that can be picked up by antennae. The park also has non-potable water, so they warn you not to drink the water. They do claim it is safe for washing and cleaning. The park provides free bottled water to all guests.

A train track runs about 300 or 400 yards north of the park, and probably a dozen or so trains pass by throughout the day. Because the track crosses roads in the area, you can clearly hear the warning whistles at all hours of the day.

Were I to return to the area, I would look for another park. However, this is a reliable park, and I would stay again if I could not find anything better.

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