Saturday, March 9, 2013

House Update and Other Things

Donna and I left the KOA where we usually stay when in San Angelo and went out to San Angelo State Park for a couple of days. Spaces are cramped at the KOA, and traffic along the highway is constant, day and night. It's peaceful at the park, and the night skies are beautiful. However, there are no full hookups, so we only stay out here for 2 or 3 nights at a time.

This morning, we left the park and drove to Midland, where we will spend a couple of nights while attending a Moody Blues concert at the Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center located midway between Midland and Odessa, just north of the airport. This is a wonderful venue for concerts, and they bring in a number of acts that people our age enjoy. About a year ago, we attended a concert there by Glen Campbell on his farewell tour (click here for my blog entry on that concert).

After the concert, we will go back to San Angelo to take care of some business related to the construction of our new home. The house is coming along nicely. Cabinets are in, tile is being laid, and the walls are painted. The fence has been put up, sprinkler system has been installed, and the front yard has been landscaped. The carpet will be laid next week. There are still some other little jobs to do, so after we take care of things next week, Donna and I will take off for one final trip before coming back to San Angelo and moving in. We are currently planning a loop trip through the Hill County, where we will stay at various state parks. Anytime we stay at state parks, Internet connectivity is questionable, so I'll post entries when I can.

Below are some pictures I took of our house last week. They are already out of date, but do show the progress of the house.

Floor tile being laid in master bath.

Fireplace, with hearth stones resting where they will be placed.
Back wall of kitchen, with cabinets and granite countertop in place. Back wall is prepped and ready for back splash tile. Refrigerator fits in space at end of counter.

Main kitchen area. Stove will go in right space and dishwasher in left center area.
Posts have been set in back yard and are ready for fencing.

Low-maintenance landscape being installed in front yard.

I'll see you down the road.

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