Monday, February 25, 2013

Where in the World are Donna and Keith?

I'm sitting in Starbuck's in the Aquarius Casino in Laughlin, Nevada. For the past week, we've been at Sam's Town in Las Vegas, and we've had no Internet connection. I refuse to pay $4.95 for Internet at casino hotels; yeah, I'm a cheapskate.

We're spending the next 2 nights at the Aquarius. We'll rest up here where things are a bit less hectic, then get a very early start for Texas on Wednesday morning. Hopefully, by Friday evening, I should be connected again and posting as fast as I can write blog entries.

We've not done much, so I really don't have much to share. Weather has been tolerable, but not as warm as we like it, so we've stayed inside for the most part. I'll be watching the weather now to see if we can return home on the northern route; I know there have been some winter storms in the north, and that Amarillo and Lubbock were getting snow this morning. Hopefully , that will be all cleared out when we get ready to head home.

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