Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Propane and Other Things

We're in Conroe at the moment. We've been visiting Donna's mother. We leave this morning to start heading back west, but we'll visit at least 2 state parks on our return trip to San Angelo.

Our first stop will be at Stephen F. Austin State Park near Sealy, Texas. This park is located near the original San Felipe townsite where Austin located his original 297 families, sometimes referred to as the "Old Three Hundred". As a history buff, I'm looking forward to exploring the area. I've never been here before.

From there, we head west to Bastrop State Park, site of a terrible wildfire a little over a year ago. We spent nearly a week there in 2010, so we're interested in seeing how the park has changed since the fire. If you are interested, you can see a hike report on the park from our previous visit if you click here.

The weather the past few days in Conroe has been great. As usual, we're staying at Omega Farms (see reviews for May 2012 and July 2012 by clicking here). One of the things I like about this RV park is that you can wash your RV here. Most RV parks do not allow any vehicle washing, while others will allow you to do some washing for a fee. Omega Farms allows you to wash your RV and there is no fee. The trailer was pretty dirty from our recent experience in the snow down in the Big Bend area. So, I broke out the scrub brush and extending pole and scrubbed away one sunny day.

We've been using over $100 a month in propane the past 2 months. We've run into some very cold weather nearly everywhere we have been since early December. We had very cold weather in Lubbock and pulled out just a few hours ahead of a good snow system. We spent Christmas in extremely cold weather in Big Spring, with temps in the teens for 3 nights in a row and daily high in the low 30s. We headed to Big Bend to get warm, only to get snowed in down there. We returned to San Angelo to 2 cold and rainy days. Then we headed east looking for warmth but found ice and cold instead.

We have two 20-pound propane tanks on our trailer, and I carry a spare as well. We normally pay anywhere from $16 to $18 to fill the tanks up at propane stations. However, if we do a tank swap, we can pay as much as $22 per tank. In extremely cold weather, we probably use a tank in 3 or 4 days. So I love these sunny days when we can turn the heat off during the day. We usually try to find a spot where we can park our trailer with our big bay window towards the south so that we can get as much sun into the trailer as possible.

I do not know if the parks we are going to have Internet, so I may not be able to post anything for at least a week or more.

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