Monday, January 14, 2013

Images of Big Bend

Aside from all the locations we visited in Big Bend that I've previously reported on, there are other  spots you happen to along the road. Here are some pictures we snapped of individual events or locations.

West entrance to Big Bend, just down the road from downtown Study Butte.
Tunnel on the east side of the park, with the tops of the Sierra del Carmen in the background.
Colorful cottonwood trees at a picnic area in Rio Grande Village in the east side of the park
Donna snapped this picture of me while on the nature trail at Dugout Wells. The mountains in the background are Nugent Mountain and Pummel Peak, I think.
The rugged Sierra del Carmen of Mexico

The cottonwoods were really colorful during our trip. These are found along the river near Rio Grande Village. In the foreground you can see numerous other desert vegetation, such as ocotillos.

Great picture of the Window from outside the Basin with Casa Grande visible in the background through the notch. Compare it to my other pictures of the Window taken from inside the Basin.

The Mule Ears off Ross Maxwell Drive, with a mature ocotillo in the foreground.

It's obvious how Cottonwoods Campground near Castolon in the western part of the park got its name.

Homer Wilson Ranch, off Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive. Building shown is the foreman's house. Also nearby are the ruins of a bunkhouse, corral, and dipping vat.

A rare snow in Big Bend. This was taken in our RV park early one morning.

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