Friday, January 18, 2013

Building Another Home

When we came back to Texas in October after our trip through the Southwest, we did a bit of house hunting. We wanted to give the Texas housing market one more chance. We spent a month in the East Texas area looking in Tyler and Longview, but were unable to find what we wanted. So, we headed back to our beloved West Texas. We spent some time in Lubbock looking at houses there. We like Lubbock, and we've lived in that area before and thought we would enjoy living there again. We looked at a number of houses, and even made an offer on one, but it was refused.

We had just about given up on living in Texas and were about to return to Nevada and look in Laughlin and Las Vegas. We had seen some housing areas in our price range while we were out there in September and October, and had pretty much decided to return and do some serious house hunting there.

Then our daughter called to tell us she was expecting, and that changed everything. Donna decided she wanted to be around for the new baby, so that was that. We headed to San Angelo and almost immediately found the type of house we were looking for.

Our new home is a patio home. It is larger than our previous home in Angelo, but has very little yard. I like that. I've always enjoyed working in a yard, but once I retired I found it tied me down too much. For this yard, we are putting in a desert xeriscape landscape in the front yard, and our side yard will have limited grass. Very little watering and upkeep will be required. That means more time for me to play.

Foundation was recently poured when this photo was taken on Dec. 12. All houses in this subdivision have rear-entry garages, which we really like. Houses in the background are across the paved alley from us.

Photo of foundation taken from the alley. All houses on this street are patio homes, like those seen across the street.

Photo of the street taken from our sidewalk

The house has lots of storage, much more than our previous house.

We signed a contract on the house in mid-December. It is scheduled for completion on April 19, but I believe it will be ready before then. We have met with the builder several times and have selected everything from brick to sink fixtures.

We're looking forward to settling into our new house and getting out of the trailer. And we're delighted with our decision to settle in San Angelo again. It is close to our daughter, and the town is just a very comfortable fit for us. It is easy to get around, has everything we need, and we really like our doctors there. Our home is located in a nice neighborhood close to shopping and the loop, making it easy to get in and out.

Framing in place on December 22, 2012

Donna and I have never been able to stay put anyplace for very long. We've told our daughter we'll give her three years here. We'll probably get antsy about then and set our horizons for somewhere else down the road.

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