Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Concho River

San Angelo is unique among other West Texas its size. It's not flat, it has some trees that grow naturally, and it has rivers and creeks.

San Angelo owes its settlement to the rivers that converge here. Fort Concho is located a stone's throw from the North Concho. The fort brought settlers to the area. Today, San Angelo is a thriving community approaching 100,000 folks, with excellent hospitals, a progressive university, Goodfellow AFB, and excellent shopping.

There are actually 3 rivers coursing their way through the city. The North Concho begins to the northwest, near Big Spring. As it approaches the city, it forms O. C. Fisher Lake. The Middle Concho, which has the lowest water flow of the 3 Conchos, begins due west. Along with Spring Creek and Dove Creek, it forms the north pool of Twin Buttes Reservoir. The South Concho begins south of San Angelo, south of the small community of Christoval. As it nears Angelo, it creates the south pool of Twin Buttes Reservoir.

On the southwest side of San Angelo, the Middle Concho and the South Concho merge to form Lake Nasworthy. The two rivers then become one. Known now as the South Concho, they continue their flow past the old community of Ben Ficklin into the southern part of Angelo. The North Concho and South Concho then merge to form the Concho River on the east side of the city, where the river then continues its flow eastward before joining the Colorado River to form Lake O. H. Ivie.

Fort Concho and downtown San Angelo are located along the banks of the North Concho River. The city has developed the area over the years. Now, this is not the San Antonio Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio, and I'm glad of that. There is still a natural setting to this river. It is more like a park. In fact, a small golf course is located along the north bank. The downtown area is on the north bank as well, and the river separates the area from the old fort. A children's play ground is near the golf course.

Along the south short are the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, the Visitors' Center, and numerous beautiful homes. During Christmas, decorations and lights are placed along the south bank, visible from River Drive which weaves along the tree-lined river.

Donna and I recently strolled along the river on a sunny day, and I snapped the pictures below. Work is still progressing on an upgrade to the landscaping, so walkways sometimes may look rough. Also, you may see seasonal decorations in some of the pictures.

Pedestrian bridge crossing the Concho below northbound Highway 87.
The beautiful Visitors' Center located along the south bank of the Concho River is a great place to begin your tour of San Angelo.
One of the beautiful homes on the south bank of the Concho River.

Another beautiful residence on the south bank of the river. Note the Christmas decorations located for viewing from River Drive on the opposite bank.

Residential landscaping along the south bank. Again, note the seasonal decorations.

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