Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Running from the Cold

It's 22 degrees as I write this on an early Tuesday morning, and the temperature should drop a few degrees more. And tomorrow night, the low is expected to be 24.

We are in San Angelo now. We left Lubbock Sunday morning. A heavy north wind pushed us down here. We were trying to get away from the cold front that pushed through the South Plains Sunday night, which brought temps in the low teens and a dusting of snow to that area.

It's actually warmer in San Angelo, but not much. It will warm up today, freeze again tonight, and then a warming trend will arrive on Wednesday and temps will be much more tolerable.

Donna and I don't like cold weather, and cold weather is worse in a travel trailer.

Our heater works great, thank goodness. But as soon as it turns off, you can feel the cold creeping in again. There just isn't much you can do to insulate an RV. Our furnace runs off propane, and we are using quite a bit of that fuel these days. We are probably going through a 20 pound tank every 4 or 5 days. For the 10 days we were in Lubbock, we bought 3 tanks at $16 a tank. Now, 1 tank was empty when we arrived, so we didn't actually use 3 tanks while there, but we used a lot.

Our trailer is equipped with two 20 pound propane tanks. I keep both of them turned on. I can designate which tank is my primary tank. Once it empties, the system will automatically begin pulling from the other tank IF that tank is open. I also carry a spare tank, and I refill any tank as soon as it empties. We should be in good shape there.

Living in an RV in this type of cold weather is a bit challenging, and I really don't know if I'm doing everything I need to. My biggest concern is freezing pipes and hoses. We get our water via a hose that runs from a spigot of some sort to a connection on the side of our trailer. I have wrapped that hose in insulation, but I don't think that is enough for temps below 25 degrees. So yesterday, I disconnected that hose and drained all the water out of it to prevent it from freezing. I added about 15 gallons of water to our fresh water tank. Since our fresh water tank is within the exterior walls of the trailer, I expect it to benefit from the heat of our trailer and not freeze. To use this water, we have to activate our pump.

My holding tanks also have heat pads to prevent them from freezing, and I turned those on last night. I closed all the valves to my holding tanks last night so that no liquid will be in the drain hose causing it to freeze.

I'm not sure what else to do except find a warmer place to stay.

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