Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mesa Verde RV Park

We're in Lubbock, Texas, right now, enjoying a stay at Mesa Verde RV Park, located along US 62/82, locally known as the Brownfield Highway. Technically, the park is located in Wolfforth, a small but growing community on the southwest outskirts of Lubbock.

This is a nice little RV park. My only complaint is the location. There is a bit of noise from the highway, but not nearly as much as we've experienced at some other parks located next to busy highways. But the noise is rather constant, though not overwhelming. Also, the frontage road along this freeway style section of the highway is one-way, so you have to go past the park then back whenever you return from Lubbock, so it is a bit inconvenient.

Interior roads are paved while sites are gravel. There is grass between the sites, and a few trees have been planted around the park. During the summer, there will be very little -- if any -- shade, though during cooler weather the sunshine is welcome. We did have to level our trailer, so our site is not level. We were assigned site 16, which is a pull-through site. By parking to the extreme side of the site, we were able to park our truck in the site. Not all sites are as roomy.

Site 16, near the front of the park

A rather unique feature of the park is the utility hookups at each site. They kind of remind me of the hookups at Sam's Town RV Park in Las Vegas. There is a utility box at each site where you hookup to electrical and cable.

Utility box
In addition to the hookups, the utility box also has a light and hooks for neatly hanging cables and hoses. Near the utility box is the sewer hookup and the water hookup. In the photo above, note the blue-handled water hookup. I had not seen any water hookups like this until I began traveling in the west, but they are rather common in this part of the country. For people with arthritis, they certainly are easier to turn on and off than the old twist handles.

WiFi is available in the park, as is cable TV. However, fewer than 30 channels are provided, and PBS was not available in the lineup. We enjoy PBS, especially numerous British comedies and dramas that usually run on the weekends. So, we simply raised our antennae and then switched back and forth between cable and antennae as desired. Several channels are available via antennae in the Lubbock area.

Restrooms/bathrooms were very well-maintained. They are located in the rear of the main building where the office is located. The laundry is also located in this building. The laundry, though neat and in good order, contained only 3 washers and 3 dryers. There is also a small exercise room with 3 pieces of equipment located in the main building.

Main building with bathrooms facing the camera. Laundry room and exercise room on left. There is a pool inside the fenced area on left. Managers live in house behind building. Office is on opposite side of this building.
The park has about 14 pull thru sites and roughly 35 or so back in sites. Long-term residents occupy many of the back-in sites, while pull-thru sites appear to be saved for overnight and short term visitors, like us. There is a dog-run at the front of the park and another along the north perimeter, and dumpsters are located throughout the park. Propane is  not available in the park, though tanks can be refilled at a business located next door.

Row of pull-thru sites. Note utility boxes, grassy areas, and small trees.
One word of warning. As you approach the RV park, there is no large sign indicating the park, so it can sneak up on you.

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